Surviving Adversity – Saneha-e-Peshawar


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Last week we faced a tragedy. Peshawar school were attacked with 141 dead. Of which 132 were children.

There are people who got depressed because of this incident. And there are people who upset because they don’t feel a thing.

Not just one crime

It’s not just a single crime. It is a crime that affected many. The martyrs, their families, the survivors and their families, everyone in Pakistan and Muslims around the world were affected.

There is a boy (survivor) who reported that the murderers were saying Allah o Akbar while they slaughtered children. Now when he hears azaan, he doesn’t feel the halawat of imaan, the love for Allah.

Who knows if he’ll ever get out of this phase? Who knows if he’ll ever again feel the halawat of imaan. If he’ll ever again feel love for Allah?

In these times of crisis, we are often riddled by the question; what should we do? What can we do?

1.     Make Dua

The first thing that we should do is pray for the survivors, their families and the families of shauhada (martyrs). We should pray that their imaan remains intact, that their love for Allah is restored.

In Quran, Allah says;

Successful indeed are the believers (1)

(Surah Al-Mumenoon, 23rd Surah of Quran)

And one of the characteristics of the momin who have reached success is that they let go of anything that doesn’t concern them.

And who shun vain conversation, (3)

(Surah Al-Mumenoon, 23rd Surah of Quran)

Another translation;

And who keep themselves away from vain things, (3)

(Surah Al-Mumenoon, 23rd Surah of Quran)

People in Pakistan, they have a habit of doing tabsara. We tend to discuss anything and everything.

This tabsara will not get us anywhere.

It is said that Pakistan’s conditions have been deteriorating since 1947. Imagine how many tabsaras have been done since 1947.

Imagine how many tabsara have been done in one year.

Imagine if instead of doing tabsara we had made dua for one year, the whole situation of Pakistan would have been different.

Dua is something you should never underestimate.

People say, tell me to something practical.

The Power of Dua

When we look at Taif, we understand the power of dua.

Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be upon him) was broken hearted. People in Makkah had declined Islam. He (Peace be upon him) had lost Hazrat Khadija (RA). He (Peace be upon him) had so much hope while going to Taif. But they threw stones at our Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) so much so that his (Peace be upon him) shoes were filled with blood. A that time, Hazrat Jibraeel (AS) asked Prophet (Peace be upon him) that if you (Peace be upon him) say we’ll crush Taif valley between the two mountains. But Nabi Kareem (Peace be upon him) said;

I have been sent as rehmat for the people.

And then he (Peace be upon him) made dua for Taif.

His (Peace be upon him) dua for Taif was accepted so the next generation of Taif was completely Muslim.

The problem is that we want instant gratification. We expect that when we make dua we should see the results immediately.

Three possible outcomes of Dua

When we make dua, three outcomes are possible.

  1. Immediately we’ll get what we wanted.
  2. When it’s good: We’ll get what we want when it’s good for us.
  3. Something bad which was destined for us will not happen. For example, if we pray that Allah I want chocolate cake. Then maybe we’ll not get the cake but we were to get in an accident at night and we’ll be saved from that.

We should also remember that Hazrat Musa (AS) and Hazrat Haroon (AS) made dua for Bani Israel. They made a very heart felt dua for their qoum.

And the dua was accepted but it was to happen 40 years later.

We should make dua for our qoum. Maybe it will not happen today. But maybe the next generation may see a better day.

2.     Sabar

We should hold on to sabar.


Hard times are going to come. This is a sign of end of times.


Syedna Rasool Allah sws was once sitting with Sahaba (ra) and warning and precautioning them that there will come a time in which there will be great “haraj”.

Sahaba karam (ra) asked, Nabi e Kareem sws what is this “haraj”?

Prophet sws said the killing and killing “qatal o qatal o qitaal”, killing and killing and killing. To paraphrase the general words of Nabi sws, that there will be killing everywhere.

And the killings will be such that the qatil will not know why they are killing and the ones being killed will not know why they are being killed. These are the signs of the end of times.

We have to become headstrong. We should hold on to sabar and remain steadfast on our deen (istiqamat).

We should not feel ingratitude. We should not say why is this happening to us? We should not think that maybe Islam is encouraging this type of killings.

Having sabar and istiqamat is that we remain steadfast on our deen.

Hazrat Sari Sakti (RA) and the tree

Aik dafa Hazrat Sari Sakti (RA) darakht ke neechay bethay thay. Inhein darakht ne kaha;

Oh Sari! Be like me.

Hazrat Sari (RA) replied

How can I be like you?

The tree replied

When people throw stones at me I respond with fruits.

Hazrat Sari (RA) said

If you are so good then how come you become the fuel for fire.

The tree replied.

Yes, that is true. I become fuel for fire.

Because I have one bad habit. When the wind blows I move with it. I don’t have istiqamat. And because of this bad habit Allah punishes me by making me the fuel for fire.

This story teaches us that;

We need to become strong with deen.

1.     Remain steadfast on the sunnah

Even non-Muslim historians agree that Arabia was once the center of all burai. They fought each other. They killed their daughters. When Islam came everything changed. Even non-Muslim, atheist historians agree that Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be upon him) transformed Arabia.

If we hold on to sunnat, everything will change here too.

Some of us support PTI and expect PTI to bring a positive change in this country. Some of us support PPP and expect them to bring a positive change in this country.

Change will come when we start following Islam to the core and start implementing sunnat.

It starts with the heart.

Feelings of pride.

Feelings of anger.

Feelings of vengeance.

When we go to sleep at night we should reflect one how bad was I today?

Did I listen to music and enjoy it?

Did I have feelings of pride today?

Change starts at an individual level.

If we don’t change ourselves the world will not change.

Even non-Muslims say that

Be the change you want to see in the world.

The fact that we have this talb that we are here and learning about Islam, means that we have to be more responsible. The fact that Allah chose us to attain ilm makes us more responsible.

We should think that if I don’t change how will others who do not feel this urge to attain ilm will change?

We have to think I cannot get lazy with my Tahajjud.

I cannot get lazy with my namaz.

I cannot get lazy.

Aisa nahi ke hum bolein.. aaj sardi buhat hai tou mein ne fajar nahi parhi.

We need to become people who hold to sunnat. We should think that

If I try to change even a little bit, Allah will do the rest.

Boy and old woman story

There was this old woman. Whenever she saw a particular young man, she would call him and offer him food. The young man would always come and take the food.

Once he asked the woman why is it that you always call me and offer me such nice food.

The woman replied;

I had this son once who died when he was a kid. When I see you I am reminded of my son.

Hazrat Musa (AS) and the magicians

Hazrat Musa (AS) ko jab Firaun ne apnay mehal mein bualaya tha aur jaadogaron ko bhi bulaya tha. So, out of mockery the magicians wore the same kind of clothes as Hazrat Musa (AS). And in the end, the magicians walked out with imaan in their heart.

Log pochtay hain ke in magicians ne aisa kya kiya jo un ko Allah ke dabaar mein qabooliyat mili. Aisa unhon ne kya kiya ke Allah ne un ke dilon ko imaan se munawwar kar diya.

Un jaadogaron ne apnay exterior ko Hazrat Musa (AS) jaisa kar diya tha tou unhein itni qabooliyat mili.

Following sunnat on exterior and interior both is important.

Politics is not going to get us anywhere, Islam is.

2.     Gain knowledge of Islam. Attain ilm

If you become knowledgeable of Islam and attain ilm, you’ll have the ability to differentiate between right and wrong.

We need to attain knowledge of our own religion, Islam.

There are people, who, after the Peshawar attack declared that they do not belong to a religion which supports such barbarous murders.

Had they been knowledgeable they would have known that Islam doesn’t support any such behavior.

3.     Depression is not the cure

We should make it a point not to be depressed. Depression leads to inaction.

People say that after hearing about the attack they couldn’t sleep the whole night. What good would that do?

If they say, after hearing about the attack I couldn’t sleep and so I spent the whole night praying to Allah that would have been beneficial.

We should remember that this is the same ummat, Nabi Kareem (Peace be upon him) cried for.

We should become people who love this ummat.

We should pray for our ummat.

And if we don’t feel the tears, we should fake them.

We should do tauba of our sins.

4.  Shukar, Be grateful

Do shukar of all that we’ve got.

Being ungrateful

Take the example of a mother who has 1 candy. She has two children, so she gives that one candy to her older child. The other child wanted the candy very much but didn’t get it.

Imagine now that the older child throws away the candy. The other child will think that he didn’t do qadar of the candy that I wanted so much.

We belong to a sacred society. We should thank Allah for it.

We should thank Allah that He gave us health.

Story of a man without eyelids

There is a person who doesn’t have eyelids. If you don’t have eyelids, you can’t blink. If you can’t blink all the dust will stay in your eye. The man needs to wash his eyes every few minutes to get the dust out of his eye.

You know how your skin gets when you stay in water for too long. Stand in shower for 30 minutes and your skin will get all wrinkly.

As the man kept on washing his eye with water frequently, his eye got all wrinkly.

He went to the doctor and the doctor said that there are only two options, one is that you stay like this, two is that you get your eye removed.

The End of Times

We should remember that fitna will come. And it will increase with the passing of time.

What is fitna? Fitna is that once we fall, it would be difficult for us to get back up.

We should pray that in this time of fitna we don’t fall down and if we do we get back up.

Stories from Russia

Compare the situation in Pakistan with that of Russia.

Praying Namaz Publicly

Russia put their focus on communism. They didn’t allow people of any religion to follow it. People couldn’t pray namaz publicly. Even the children were trained so that if the parents had to pray they had to lock up their rooms and pray. Because if their children saw them praying, when the children will go out they’ll be forced to give the identity of their parents.

Situations may get bad but we need to be qaim.

Imparting Knowledge of Islam

There was a man in Russia (at that time) who wanted to impart the knowledge of Islam to his child. What he did was, every day he would wake up at the break of dawn and worked on his fields till midnight. So that even if anyone suspected him of being a Muslim they would think that by the time he reaches home he must get so tired that he won’t be able to any religious activity. But when he returned home, the whole night he taught his son about Islam.

Ulemas in Russia

There were a lot of ulemas in Russia. In order to eliminate them they were all put in a plane and the plane was flown to Serbia. Serbia is very cold. The plane left them there. The ulemas kept walking because they knew that if they stopped they’ll die. Eventually the people survived had their imaan intact.

Story from India – The Madarssa beneath a Pomegranate Tree

During the British regime, all madrassas and mosques were shut down.

A person decided that he would still spread the knowledge of Islam.

He sat under a pomegranate tree and started teaching one student.

And today Zaynab Academy and almost all madrassas are offsprings of that madrassa which started under the pomegranate tree.

This shows that if Allah wants he can make ways for us.

Stories from Russia

Securing Imaan

In Russia, there was this Muslim woman who decided that she will not let her imaan and other’s imaan from going away. She was very old and for many years she worked to keep her imaan and other’s imaan intact.

And even after years of hardwork if someone asked her to make dua she would say

Ya Allah! Please, please, safeguard my imaan and everyone’s imaan.

It’s not our efforts but our aajzi that will get us success in the akhirat.

Allah says,

Bring me something I don’t have.

People would say

Aye Allah! You are the Lord of the universe, what can we bring that you don’t have?

Allah will reply

You should bring aajzi to me.

Saving Quran

In Russia, they were burning Quran. People were afraid that Quran will be lost.

They made a hall and from outside they painted it such that no one would be able to understand that there is a hall beyond the wall. Moreover, on the outside they filled cupboards with alcohol.

Children would say goodbye to their families and they will be sealed in the hall for months and months. They would have clothes and food and supplies for these months. And once sealed they would study Quran.

Why do they light candles