Confessions of a Software Engineer ~Pilot

Behind The Scenes
I’ve been planning to write a column-sort-of-a-thing by the name of “Confessions of a Software Engineer” for a long time now, but never actually got around to writing it, until now. Let’s see how far I can go with it. The “far” part depends upon not only my will to write but also the frequency of ideas popping up.
The central idea behind it may have altered since the concept was conceived and I may keep updating it as I go along. But for the moment, the column is supposed to be a cluster of things that goes on in the head of a software engineer, jokes that we crack, claims that we make, the follies we are known for, the obstacles that we face. I think it will be more about office life, rather than just the life of a software engineer, depicting the fun aspect of it all.
Readers can share their ideas through comments. Moreover, if anyone wishes to write a piece, feel free to drop-in, again through comments.
The first episode that I’ll be posting is an article written a long time ago, but I can think of nothing better than this piece to be the so-called first episode of this so-called column.
Have fun reading. 🙂

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