A day to celebrate a lifetime

Originally posted on: 20 September, 2012
Of all the things we could have done in order to show our distaste towards the blasphemous activities, we chose to observe a day to show our respect to Hazrat Mohammad PBUH. Please note that this one day and one day alone is supposed to show our love and respect to our Last Prophet PBUH. Moreover, we plan to do that by NOT working on that day. Which is supposed to send out exactly what message to the world, I fail to understand. 

Is the mission to get the world laughing at the follies of Pakistan and Muslims in general? Or is it to waste yet another day doing nothing, putting a dent in an already suffering economy? Or is it to show that our religion, Islam, preaches it’s followers to stay away from work as much as possible? Or is it something much more brilliant than my feeble mind can grasp?

If the mission is one or all of the above, then guess what, the government or whoever it was to come up with the idea, has succeeded.

For one day, all offices, educational institutions, shops etc will be closed down. Please don’t for a minute think that this one day will be spent in prayers, reading up on Islam, or somehow spreading the word of Islam. This one day will be spent.. well.. sleeping.. at least that is what I plan to do.

Or this day can be spent burning a few more tires, tainting our very own property (yes the property of my fellow country men is my own property,  not in the sense that I can use it when I want to but in the sense that I am supposed to take care of it like I take care of mine).

Our religion, Islam, was not spread through violence. Our last Prophet Mohammad PBUH never wished for anyone’s harm, Muslims or non Muslims. He PBUH and his followers were subjected to a lot of  torment, yet, they did not stop from following or preaching Islam, neither did they harm anyone, not because they were not capable of doing it, but for the only reason that Islam is a religion of peace.

So, what do you do when someone says something really wrong for a person you respect, for a person you are to follow, what do you do in such a situation? 

I am no religious scholar, I admit that my knowledge regarding my own religion is minimal. Yet I have my own ideas of what could have been done, which to me seem more effective.

If someone makes a movie to insult you, you do not try to get back on them by not working for one day. What you do is tell people how good your religion is, how honorable the personality of Hazrat Mohammad PBUH is. You spread the knowledge so much so that even if the movie is released no one goes to watch it. Neither Muslims nor non Muslims. 

If you sit quietly and not do anything, or you choose to introduce a day by the name of “Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool (PBUH)”, or you ban you tube for 3 days, or you start watching trailers of the movie just to know exactly how they are insulting, you can’t expect to gain anything.

The mission is not to stop this movie, but to stop every such acts from cropping up in the future. Prudent is what we need to be, in contrast to stupid, what we are being at the moment.

If this movie is not released, some other movie will be released, and the cycle will continue.

If we can stop this movie from getting released, then well and good. But would it guarantee that no other blasphemous acts will procure?

It’s a movie now, it can be followed by books, complete tv series, and what not?
The path is predictable isn’t it? They started with caricature and followed with a movie. What’s next?

Are we really willing to allow them to do whatever they want to do, and just when they are about to do it, rise in an uproar, bring about the slightest of damage and settle down and go back to sleep again?

Is this the road we plan to walk on?

It seems that way to me.

A friend informed me yesterday that Muslims have been distributing books on life of Prophet Mohammad PBUH free of cost in stores in London. Many may not read that book, but maybe one out of 10 will and wouldn’t that be better than the impression they must be getting of Muslims seeing what was going on yesterday in a country that was fought for on the name of Islam.

The problem is, we ourselves even don’t know as much about Islam as we should. The result: we can’t fight anyone, we can’t debate.You can’t defend something you don’t know a thing about.

So the first step to take is to increase our own knowledge of Islam. To try and be better Muslims. And then proceed with spreading that knowledge in a way that makes it attractive rather than repelling. For instance, you don’t explain the concept of Jahannum before you give them a preview of Jannat. You don’t define sin  before you list down the rewards. 

What we normally do is tell people that if they do this and that they’ll suffer in Jahannum. What we forget to mention is how easy and simple it is to earn Jannat. How the teachings of Islam are right in line with what they call Ethics these days.

We have established our religion as a difficult one. While on the other hand, it’s quite simple if you think about it. 

As far as observing a day for Prophet Mohammad PBUH goes. I have nothing against it. But why on earth does this day need to be a holiday? What about all the people who earn on a day to day basis. What will they do tomorrow? Are we not already in a miserable state, do we really feel such a need to worsen it with our own hands?

And more to the point, there cannot be just one day to show your respect for your Prophet Mohammad PBUH.This is what we should do day in and day out. In everything we do, we are to follow Prophet Mohammad PBUH. 

Why not use this occasion to wake ourselves from the deep slumber we have been in for ages?
Why not go ahead with increasing our knowledge of Islam, and then working upon that knowledge?
Why not try to incorporate one sunnat at a time in our daily lives?
Why not start tomorrow?
Why not start today?
Why not start right now?


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