That Forgotten Fact!

Every so often, it’s hard for me to figure out whether it’s just me with this strange theory in my mind or it’s been like that forever and I had just been idiotically oblivious. Sometimes I am surprised at the world and sometimes I surprise myself.

images CAUTION: You might find this messy…continue at your own risk!!

So this is how it starts.

When I was a kid, I was taught that it was bad to call someone ugly. I was counseled that this is because it’s not the very person’s fault. If God made him/her like that, then God could’ve made me the same. Therefore it’s a dreadful comment to be made and similar is making fun of people on things which are not under their control, i.e. for things that are natural.

As I grew, I always felt sorry for those who were never advised the same as I was…or may be never understood. I used to feel pity for their irrational wits to overlook what is so obvious. People who are so pathetic that they need to humiliate others, just for the sake of feeling a bit better about themselves (and on factors that make no sense to be made fun of). It is actually a psychological trouble. Such people have some kind of self worthiness insecurity which provokes them to make others look bad so that they could feel superior about themselves.

Then gradually I realized, if not pathetic, I was also not a person with an awesome mentality. I always limited myself to what I’d been told. I never bothered to think further. I was lazy and felt that everyone was lazy. We don’t like to ponder over things we’ve been told since childhood. All the WHYs, WHATs and HOWs in our spirit seem to fade away along the early days. images1 However, I finally understood it one day, when someone made a compliment about me. It was something about good skin or fair complexion…and I was flabbergasted. What struck me wasn’t the compliment but it was my reaction on it…I reacted with a great smile and may be made a pose and then at the very same moment I realized it wasn’t mine at all… the compliment… it could never be mine…what was I trying to take credit for?.. And then at last I was able to digest this theory that it wasn’t at all about just being ugly, but it was about beauty too.

Every single thing a person has…beauty, talent, skill, IQ, brain, patience, insight, good wits, good health, respect etc is not his…every single possession of mine was never mine and can’t ever be..It’s what God gave me…and if He wants, he can take it away any moment. I realized how immature and shortsighted we’ve all been…We do one good deed and feel that we deserve to be awarded as the best human in this world but what if we were never blessed with goodness of hearts?…What if we did not know how an effort is made?

I was once talking to a friend and I mentioned that if a girl is naturally pretty, I don’t understand why people give her credit for it? I mean it’s not as if it was in her hands and she created herself like that. My friend answered that at least she made an effort to maintain it right… I was convinced to some extent but then do you really think it’s in a person’s hand to have a good will and consistency to make a constant effort and take care and of good looks?…You will find million of ladies wanting to exercise or consulting a beautician but they don’t…So I wondered even those who do.. Could they really take the credit for it? What if God had made them lazy too? And this was when I finally decided to accept this philosophy which states that.

“Everything in this world has this weird reality of nothingness. There is no authentic thing known as worldly ownership…and it is so totally factual that all what we really earn are nothing else but what we do… our deeds.”

This is just another item from the list of those facts we easily forget about. Though it doesn’t state that people should not be motivated by being complimented on things they work hard for. It is only to enlighten what we easily forget in the charm of this shallow world about who is the real credit owner and how He can easily take every thing away. I just wish we all realize the blessings of God and put on all our praises solely to Him who truly deserves it.


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