The Leader of leaders…(Election Campaign 2013)

Originally posted on 5 May, 2013

I understand elections are near so people are enthusiastic and all. Unlike many, if I truly assess myself, I can’t lie about how greatly I love my country as I know I haven’t done anything tremendous for it. All I know is that this land is a portion of earth God chose for me and many others. So, I need to be thankful for this asset I was endowed with. I need to know its value. But this value doesn’t has to be triggered only during the election hype does it? Or else it’s not really my country’s value. It’s just the old selfish me who didn’t bother for 5 years until now when a bunch of politicians are compelled to remind me the power of my vote.

Lately, I have been running into a lot of posts portraying predictions, calculations, hope and overwhelming comments by the public. I enjoy strolling through both sarcasm and positivity; however, my concern lies where I see people getting too obsessed for a change that they incline to share pictures of their supported party political leaders and post “do or die” kind of comments over them. I am not against their share; I am just worried about their belief.



I hear and read extreme comments like: “If this XYZ party does not get elected, it is the end for this country”. And who in the world are we to decide that? Then there are songs, useless discussions, a lot of unnecessary noise and other time wasting techniques as well.

Being a Muslim, we must know whom to put our hopes in. I myself might go astray at times as I am not perfect but I try and so it’s a request to everyone out there to also try and evaluate their selves on whether they believe more in the leader or the “Leader of all leaders” Allah Subhana wa taala. And if you find yourself relying a tiny bit more on the human, do your astaghfar and re-establish your faith instantly. Do not put your sole hope and trust in leaders. It is no doubt that great leaders are rare and we as a nation are quite anxious to know what it feels like to have one. But we need to remind ourselves, that in the end, they are just like the rest of us except that Allah chose them as a means through which He let us confront our own identity and teach us both the good and the bad.

Do not forget, “Like Nation Like Leader.”

May Allah bless Pakistan. Ameen.


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