DADA’s Vote..oops!

Originally posted on: 11 May, 2013


Here’s a little share.

Today is the 11th of May 2013… one of the most awaited days in the history of Pakistan…

Few days back we got to know that for Elections 2013, although we all currently live in Karachi, our polling stations were at Islamabad.

Therefore, I called the Election Commission office to query and they apologized. It was a mistake as our CNICs comprise a permanent address of Islamabad along with “Current Address” of Karachi but somehow they inferred that current addresses are not where we currently live. The call attendant mentioned that this time the procedure was handed over to NADRA, there systems aren’t all ‘computerized’ and blah blah.


He gave me a number to call and complain but the only way I could cast my vote was taking a flight and go to Islamabad for which it was quite late by then. I do admit it was our fault to some extent as well, but it wasn’t like we were expecting this as we’ve been voting previously without any such trouble.

We kept looking into stuff in case by any means we could still do something about it. So, one of our family friends gave a number to my mom. It belonged to a guy who was a member of one of the most popular political party in Karachi. He said he might be able to do something by communicating to our polling station at Islamabad and we might be able to vote via our actual polling station according to our current address.

We waited for his response but then I called him anyway. So here is what the conversation was like:

Me: Assalam-o-Alaikum, is this Mr. XYZ?

XYZ: Yes.

Me: Mr. ABC gave me your number; we have a problem about our polling stations.

XYZ: Yes yes, don’t worry your work will be done (“Apka kaam hojaiga”). You just need to text me your CNICs.

At that particular junction, I knew what was going on, but I decided to keep talking…

Me: Umm, do not I need to go and vote? (My mind depicting a purple thumb)

XYZ: No, it’s not your polling station, they won’t let you.

Me: Ahan… so you mean you aren’t doing this properly. You are doing this with a “Jugaar” (an inappropriate way).

XYZ: That’s my problem how I do it. You send your CNICs and your vote is done.

Me: Oh really, and to what party?

XYZ: Our party off course..It’s DADA’s vote.

Me: (Laughing) Dada…. Nice…Ok…Thanks.

Those were literally his words. What a shame!! It’s not as if I didn’t already expect this… but I just had to try. Hence, though I couldn’t vote for Elections 2013, it reassures me to think I still did a favor to Pakistan, by not texting I mean… ;)


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