The Castle of my Sky

Judging others is smooth… Judging ourselves is thorny.

The truth is… we all are others to someone. We formulate some assumptions about each other and treat them as a rule of thumb. The reality is… we see only, what we want to see. Lucky are those who assume the same as the truth but most of us starts by placing a brick on the ground and steadily build up an entire castle in the sky.

Then at some point, our imagination strikes us back.  And one fine day “the others” obliviously display their actual colors. These colors are not really dreadful but nothing like the castle we visualized. As if that was not bad enough, the crazy thing to apprehend is that it was never their fault. People don’t even realize that it wasn’t just me or you falling from the sky but our entire made up sky had fallen.

Now this is the point where most of us go wrong. What happens when we fall? We hit the ground. The higher we went the longer we fell and the harder we smack the ground. But in the agony of that pain we forget something.

We forget the ground. The ground is safe. The pull is consoling, the scent of the sand exhibit life. Yes it hurts. But it never kills; I mean the fall of our imaginations…it never kills us right! It just brings us back on our feet. We forgot the ground earlier when we decided to fly away and intended never to return. But ultimately we are propelled back, we always are… and even if we may not have been that appreciative of the ground, the ground remains sincere.


I read somewhere “Always envisage the worst”.

This is something really tough to implement but it makes you fearless and strong.

Keep your steps stable. Analyze and verify every deed you perform. People are not bad. They are just the same as you in a dissimilar stage or situation of life than you. Build your trust… on YOURSELF. If someone bothers you, or behaves unexpectedly, it’s probably because they are themselves bothered.

Grow to be a little big hearted and offer them your help instead of feeling poor about your self… in fact feel rich. Build your castles in your hearts and heal them. Let people trust you that whatever may be wrong, together all can make them right or at least endeavor with the help of the All Doer off course.



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