9th Karachi International Book Fair (5th-9th Dec 2013)

Aik cheez hoti hai hawas


There is a thing called greed

These were the words of a colleague describing the feelings of book lovers when they are visiting a book fair, after he, himself, visited the 9th Karachi International Book Fair on the very first day.

There is a thing called greed, when you would buy anything you could get your hands on, just because it’s there.

I listened in awe to his little narration and ‘impatiently’ waited, like I had been for the past three months, for the weekend I’ll crash the book fair.

Yes, three complete months. For three months I didn’t buy any book in order to save up for the fair. Much good it did, as the money I spent yesterday was much more than the amount I had set aside for book shopping. And thus, the phrase,

Aik cheez hoti hai hawas

rings true in my ear.

I had a whole list of books I WANTED to buy. The list was compiled by gathering recommendations from friends, books in the series I have read the first two or three books of and by going through,… no, no, gnawing on goodreads.com. I couldn’t get all the books but collected enough to last the year 2014.

Anyone who has not visited yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

ImageTake yourself. Take your parents. Take your siblings. Take the kids in your household, or even kids from your neighborhood. But just GO!


My brother was amazed to find kid’s books each of Rs. 50.  He collected loads of them for his three kids and was flabbergasted to get a further discount.

On twitter I saw a recommendation  to visit The Generations stall before Liberty. Good thing I took the advice, for The Generations stall was overflowing with people who were trying to look for their favorites in amazingly low prices. It has been a long time since I have went in a book store, picked up a book, read the review and decided to buy or not-buy it. I have long since started reading book reviews online of recommendations and buying the ones I like or I simply buy books of authors I have read before. The astronomical prices reined me. Also, there are already so many books in my to-read list, that experimenting couldn’t get through. However, the prices in The Generations stall unlocked the old habit of mine and I fell back to reading reviews and buying books.

The Liberty Books stall, like their outlets was awesome with a separate table for new arrivals. However, they were out of Doctor Sleep by Stephen King *sniff sniff*.

At Liberty Books, I just picked up books because they have long been in my to-read list. Although I couldn’t find anything good while sifting through the reduced-price tables in the corner. And as all books are brand-new, one can’t expect a breath-taking discount, and so I had to put away some books for later after putting them in my basket. (Oh yes, I had to take a basket in The Generations and Liberty Books stall 😀 I have never done this before and loved shopping like this. :D) In spite of putting away some books I still bought loads of books from Liberty and as I walked out with a dent in my pocket I wondered which I’ll start with now.

(If you’re interested I started with Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception, 4th book in the famous Artemis Fowl series.)


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