Be Happy Happy

Sometimes we refrain ourselves from happiness, we keep away from joy, we entangle ourselves with gloomy thoughts and decide that this is how we are going to spend the rest of our lives.

And sometimes such a change occurs unconsciously, we become quiet without even knowing.
And sometimes we do all this just to save ourselves from further pain.
But at such moments we have to stop for a moment and ask ourselves one simple question
Why are we doing this?
For whom?
For what?
Was it because we were hurt by people? Do we think that by rejecting ourselves any kind of happiness would save us from people? Do we think that by doing all this people won’t be able to hurt us any more? Really?
Was it because we were hurt by circumstances? Do we believe that our behaviour would not let such circumstances from happening again? Really?
Is that even possible?
Being human beings living a human life, pain, betrayal, lies, deception.. they are all just part of the process. In fact these are the most important components of what life is. You can’t save yourself from being hurt. You just can’t…
Then why do we forbid happiness?
Why not be happy in fear of being sad?
I have been there, done that. And believe me, there is no use. In fact I just wasted the time I could have spent enjoying my life..
Think like this:
You get to live once.. so live to the fullest…
Plus if you think that you being sad is going to affect the person who hurt you, then you are wrong. If it’s revenge you sought, then don’t be at the receiving end.
Being happy is the best revenge.

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